Palmier - a Spanish/French pastry shaped like a palm or butterfly and laminated with sugar.  Made from puff pastry similar to the dough for a croissant but without the yeast.   Palmier will always be my favorite pastry.

Palmier from Paris hotel, Las Vegas:

Can be purchased at the patisserie inside the Paris hotel.  Arguably the best palmier on the west coast.  We witnessed the price increase for the palmier over the years, but the quality remains top notch.   From our experience, the palmier is not always displayed on the shelves at the bakery. Ask the baker before you walk away!

Palmier from Ladurée, Paris, France

Ladurée a pastry and cake brand based in Paris. It is more well known for its macarons than pastries.

As we were lining up to buy some macarons at the the Champs-Elysees location, we saw these delectable pastries displaying right in front of us.  They were screaming, "try us. try us!"

It was crispy and sweet. Perhaps too sweet for our asian palette.  The palmier felt and tasted like it was dipped in a thick coat of candy.  Definitely a huge disappointment.

Palmier from Cookies Quartet, Hong Kong

My mom bought a dozen boxes of these palmier to give away as gifts during the holiday season.  The great thing about this palmier is that they're bite-size and stored in a beautiful tin box.  Definitely easy to eat and exceptionally fresh!

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